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Our Recipients

Joe Hoagland Receiving Above & Beyond Award

Joe Hougland

First Quarter 2019-2020 School Year

Principal Joe Hougland has played a key role in starting a school wide inclusion program at Stewart Elementary.  Mr. Hougland made sure that his ESE teachers and regular education teachers have the opportunity to plan together and work together as they educate the ESE student population in a regular classroom environment.  Mr. Hougland knew the educational value that this plan could have on his entire student population, and he took the initiative to institute the plan with his school.  Change is often not easy for some to embrace, and it would have been easy for Mr. Hougland to continue what they were doing for ESE students that attended Stewart Elementary, BUT he did not keep doing things the way they always have, he took the steps to start an inclusive school at Stewart Elementary, this is a true leader.  Above all, Mr. Hougland is a humble individual, always giving the credit to his staff, parents and students, but without his leadership and drive to make sure the plan was effectively implemented, it would have never taken place.  Mr. Hougland is a leader who thinks outside the box in order to  make sure that all of his students have the best educational opportunities available.   Thank you Mr. Hougland for all that you do for our students, you are very much appreciated…

Joe Roberts Receiving Above & Beyond Award 

Joe Roberts

Second Quarter 2019-2020 School Year

Joe is both the up front guy and the behind the scenes magician.  He works tirelessly to make things happen for our kids. He listens to the struggles our children are having and thoughtfully addresses the issues with the most amazing solutions.  He knows what is available, and his vast experience provides the best insight for what will work.


Mr Daenell receiving the Above & Beyond Award

Richard Daenell

Second Semester 2018-2019 School Year

Richard was the second reciepient because of his approch to inclusion, and his efforts to prepare children to grow into responsible adults. His kids learn to work hard, help others and be always grateful.


Tracy Swart Receiving Above & Beyond Award

Tracy Swart

First Semester 2018-2019 School Year

Tracy was the first reciepient of the Above and Beyond Award.  For many years Tracy has changed the world for our children. Tracy ensures that her kids are included in the social life of being in High School.  Her kids have so many friends and enjoy a productive business.  When she recieved her award, a crowd of both current and previous students came to help her celebrate.




Above & Beyond Award

There are so many people that do so much for our children.  We think it is so important to recognize the unsung heros that pour their lives into helping kids, and supporting them in their academic lives and their whole lives.


 Recognizing the people that do the most for our kids, @ the School Board Meeting.

Dates are to be determined.

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